Winery Construction, Repair, and Restoration

We don’t have to build a new winery; we will make your existing winery look like new.

Transform Your Winery Into A Paradise Attraction

Empire Construction is a specialist in enhancing and maintaining winery properties, offering repair, restoration, and beautification services. With over three decades of experience working with North Bay projects, including many of the major winery properties, we are the ideal team to collaborate with. Our focus is not on constructing new wineries; rather, we aim to provide construction expertise to ensure that your winery remains profitable and reflects the investment you’ve made in its success.

There is no project that we cannot handle. If you are planning to build a new winery, we can do that too. Our capabilities span from site work such as paving and drainage repair to new building construction, remodeling existing structures, creating additions, and undertaking general repairs, including addressing dry rot and making structural improvements.